Announcement: Astrology & Human Design Courses!

Announcement: Astrology & Human Design Courses!

Peace Star Friends! I am now offering Astrology & Human Design classes on Podia.

Thank you all for requesting this coursework. Astrology has fascinated me for over 15 years and I cannot wait to share this excitement with you.

Currently I will be offering a fundamental course to test the waters, Introduction to Astrology: Your Big 3. This course will provide beginners and intermediate astrology enthusiasts with information to accurately read, share, and delineate the Sun, Moon, and Rising placements of the chart.

Additionally, there are 13 lessons planned for release in the next year. All of this information is a culmination of my studies through books, courses, conversations, and private client sessions.

If you know someone who would be interested in this course, share this post with them! Payment plans are available by request. Please contact me through the website contact form if you need further accommodations.

Your Star Friend,

MetzilMazatl [Moon Deer]

Ezra R.

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