Intuitive & astrological guidance that fits your needs.

The Ascendant Healing & Metaphysics LLC offers multiple modalities of metaphysical support, education, and in-depth analysis to empower you as a Free Spirit. We host safer BIPOC & LGBTQIA2SP+ energetic containers. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Be yourself. Be wild & free!

The Ascendant is a Native American owned metaphysical shop in the quiet corner of the Universe. Our shop offers unique handmade items, in depth scary accurate readings, and long distance healing. We are 100% virtual, offer Non Fungible Token collectibles on multiple blockchains, and we are expanding our horizons into digital spaces every day!

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Orca Moon Beading

Native American made beadwork, beaded accessories, and handmade jewelry. Our in house... 

Orca Moon Beading

Orca Moon Beading is a trade name of The Ascendant Healing & Metaphysics LLC. Custom beadwork orders are subject to joining our waitlist. Payment is due immediately. Once you complete your purchase, we will discuss the design of your piece(s).

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Release. Protect. Heal. Cleanse. Rejuvenate. Rest.

Energy healing is a consistent cycle of releasing stagnant energy to allow fresh, bright, and new energy into your aura and energy centers. Now more than ever, many people, like you, rely on energy healing and chakra cleansing to alleviate the stress of day to day life.

What was once sought after by housewives and hippies is now a staple in modern day society. Our in house practitioner commits themselves to a daily practice of energy renewal so you don't have to.

Receive energy healing, readings, and charmed goods to assist your journey to daily (or frequent) wellness beyond your wildest dreams.

Wellness & Web 3

We offer Non Fungible Token collectibles on Ethereum, Polygon, and Tezos with original pieces of art, free monthly lunation calendars, readings, and an exclusive online community for collectors.

20% of our NFT sales support Indigenous & LGBTQIA2SP+ artists and creators on the blockchain. Check out some of the NFTs we have collected from artists around the world. 👇🏽

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