Maximize Your Astrology Appointment with These 10 Additional Services

Maximize Your Astrology Appointment with These 10 Additional Services

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10 Additional Services to ask for during your astrology appointment

Peace Star Friend,

Did you know you can request to learn about the additional services during your astrology appointment at The Ascendant Healing & Metaphysics LLC? The following can be requested during your next astrology appointment with us.

  1. Planetary Nodes
  2. Lunar Return
  3. Lilith Return
  4. Saturn Return
  5. Chiron Return
  6. Uranus Return
  7. Astro Cartography
  8. Asteroids
  9. Tarot Astrology
  10. Pet & Plant HD Charts

These additional services are coming soon! Some of these are months away while others will take a few years to develop.

  1. Chart rectification
  2. Monthly & Annual Profections
  3. Zodiacal Releasing
  4. Horary
  5. Venus Rose
  6. Length of Life
  7. Medical Astrology
  8. World Astrology

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