Weekly Horoscope [All Signs & Human Design Types] 11/21/22 to 11/27/22

By Ezra Rocha at The Ascendant Healing & Metaphysics LLC on Sunday, November 20, 2022

For this transit forecast I will be referencing Human Design, the I’Ching, the Human Energy Field, Energy Centers or Chakras, and astrology. If you do not have a basic understanding of these systems, this information may be hard to digest. Please only take what resonates and leave the rest as this is a collective reading and not everyone will walk away with messages specifically for them. Click here to attend the live Twitter Space on Monday, November 21, 2022 at 7 a.m. Pacific or to listen to the recording.

How do astrology transits work?

At this very moment we are experiencing the current astrological weather within ourselves, other people are experiencing the astrological weather within themselves, and babies are being born and carrying the imprint of the current astrological weather into the next 60, 70, and 80 or more years into the future. There are a few explanations on the internet but we will be focusing on the book transcribed by Ra Uru Hu’s voice, Understanding the Transit Program from the International Human Design School (IHDS).

In the Human Design system we look at the lines of the Sun & Earth, which are always in opposition to each other and create the environment that we live in. We also watch the North & South Nodes because they indicate the astrological season. The Moon indicates the emotional tone left behind from our morning dreams, the dreams we remember and the dreams we forget (this is also the energy we review in the Monthly Lunation calendars which are a free service for NFT holders and members of the Twitter Community. If you need your monthly calendar please reach out to me through the website or via Direct Message). Then we experience the personal planets, which are Mercury, Venus, & Mars. Next we experience the interpersonal planets Jupiter & Saturn. Last, we experience the intrapersonal planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. We will not be going into the entire transit for time's sake.

The Sun & Earth glyphs are always 180° in opposition even if there is no glyph representing the Earth on the astrology chart.

How to Read the Rave Week Calendar

For the transit forecast in these Spaces we will be focusing on the environment -or- the line quality of the Sun & Moon, the Line Day which is indicated by the line of the Earth’s current placement, and then the season which is indicated by the North & South Node placements. Before we get into the calendar, just remember that transits will not affect everyone, transits are a general reading of the current astrological weather. For an in-depth look at your personal transits, you can book a Transit Calendar & Chart Reading at www.the-ascendant.com.

Each I'Ching Hexagram has 6 potential lines

We will be looking at my personal transit calendar, which will reflect the current astrological weather for myself and everyone in the same time zone. If you are in another part of the world, you can message me for the monthly calendar in your area and time zone. This is a free service for my NFT holders and members of the Twitter Community. If you aren’t a holder or member of the Twitter Community, you can book a Transit Calendar & Chart Reading on my profile or website.

November 2022 Genetic Matrix Calendar for Ezra Rocha

Before we start, I made a handy little cheat sheet for y’all to follow along. Remember, in a Rave Week Calendar we are tracking the environment (Sun & Earth), the Line Day (Earth’s Line), and the season (Lunar Nodes, North Node, South Node) of each day on the Gregorian calendar.

How to Read the Rave Week Calendar

Rave Week Calendar for November 21st to November 27th 2022

First we will look at the season of astrological weather by taking a peek at the Nodes of the Moon for the week. The South Node is in Gate 1 Line 1 for the entire week, which is a theme related to Scorpio. The South Node indicates our past life and lessons to assimilate. There is pure creativity all around, which makes room for even more creativity to thrive. The North Node is in Gate 2 Line 1 for the entire week, which is a theme related to Taurus. The North Node indicates your current direction and current life’s purpose. You may receive crystal clear guidance from your higher self. Lean into exercising your intuitive nature by utilizing the right side of the brain such as in doodling, drawing, painting, sketching, or gazing at a beautiful piece of art.

Monday is a 6th Line Day, which is all about being aloof, at rest, and evaluating and judging what we need to do in order to obtain perfection. In the environment we have Hexagram 8 in the 6th Line (Earth) and Hexagram 14 in the 5th Line (Sun). The community around you is uniting and contributing to the empowering energy of co-creation. Even the smallest piece of contribution is worthy in effort to create a harmonious world. There is a genuine ease around harvesting prosperity that has been growing from seedlings in the past few months. Sincerity will assist you in communicating with others especially if you are relating complex topics to real world ideas and people.

Tuesday is a 1st Line Day, which is all about doing your own research in order to become an authority or preparing yourself to be questioned. In the environment we have Hexagram 20 in the 1st Line (Earth) and Hexagram 14 in the 6th Line (Sun). Our personal view of life is essential and the only way to experience it is in the present moment. At first we may notice one small event that relates to another and then another and another. Some people have an easy attunement to wealth and others are blessed with the resources of other people. Are you responsible for sharing your wealth or for receiving it from others with grace?

Wednesday is a 2nd Line Day, which is all about being called or being given the opportunity to respond to something the Universe manifested in our direct reality. In the environment we have Hexagram 20 in the 2nd Line (Earth) and Hexagram 34 in the 1st Line. If you are being called to respond to the Universe today then your perspective is unique to you. If you aren’t being called, then your perspective is also unique to you. Don’t be discouraged - there are more opportunities for the Universe to actively interact with you. If you experience a role of power today, remember that it is best displayed in a state of calm and inner strength.

Thursday is a 3rd Line Day, which is all about collisions, impacts, and even more things from the Universe for us to respond to. In the environment we have Hexagram 20 in the 3rd Line (Earth) and Hexagram 34 in the 2nd Line (Sun). Do not stumble over your own inner voice while exploring the real world. You may have an objective stance or it may develop while you are observing others. If you experience success, you may gain or lose respect for others during your experience. Resist the urge to use your power against people you have lost respect for. Instead, focus it on the people you have gained respect for.

Friday is a 4th Line Day, which is all about transpersonal friendliness, shopping, being active, and buying into new ideas. In the environment we have Hexagram 20 in the 4th Line (Earth) and Hexagram 34 in the 3rd Line (Sun). It may be wise to observe the natural instincts of yourself and the people around you. Subtly use this awareness to create harmony in your life without interfering too much in the lives of other people. Too much attention could cause distractions.

Saturday is a 5th Line Day, which is all about being practical, active, creating stability, and showing longevity. In the environment we have Hexagram 20 in the 5th Line (Earth) and Hexagram 34 in the 4th Line (Sun). Experience clarity by silencing your inner saboteur through meditation. Maintain your inner balance to achieve success.

Sunday is a 6th Line Day, which is all about being aloof, resting, evaluating, and judging things in our life from a bird’s eye perspective. In the environment we have Hexagram 20 in the 6th Line (Earth) and Hexagram 34 in the 5th Line (Sun). Information that you have received through spiritual means may need to be shared with the world. The right people will receive what they need from the message. Are you comfortable wielding your power or do you feel uncomfortable with it? Are you stable and balanced with power or unstable and emotional?

Final Thoughts

Astrological transits will be experienced by everyone differently. Just because you do not experience a transit does not mean you are missing out on anything. The only way to find out how a transit affects your personal aura is through a 1-on-1 reading with me. These can be booked on my profile or through my website.

If any part of this resonates with your week, please let me know on the Contact page, by DM, or email. If you attended our Twitter Space LIVE, shout out to you for showing up, to all of the listeners in the live audience and on the recording, thank you so much for your support. And to the readers of the blog, I love you! See you next week!

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