Doomsday Scorpio Natal Chart Delineation

Doomsday Scorpio Natal Chart Delineation

There is good and evil in every chart, even the most daunting placements. Benefics exist in every single chart and Benefic degrees, Bound Lords, Decan Lords, and Triplicity Lords. An Astrologer can find the things most people cannot see inside of astrology charts, especially someone who takes the time to look at the fine details such as degrees, minutes, and seconds.


For this delineation I am going to name the native a.k.a. the owner of the chart, Doomsday Scorpio, because of the Scorpio stellium occurring in their 12th House. This house is traditionally known as the House of Bad Spirit - ruled by Saturn and/or Neptune. Doomsday Scorpio has received a lot of insight about these placements being very, very bad and has caused them anxiety and possibly depression.


As a professional Astrologer, I am going to do my best to demystify these placements and look at the finer details of these placements to bring out the unique qualities of this native. The chart provided is from Co-Star so there are no degrees, this means this entire delineation is based on my personal assumption and confidence or lack of confidence in degree theory.


Before we get to the chart, the first thing I am observing is the Sun above the Ascendant, making this daytime sect. A chart with day sect receives preference from the Greater Benefic, Jupiter. The Sun is also well placed above the horizon, giving this chart some warmth and life giving energy even with all of those planets in the 12th House. Saturn in a daytime chart receives heat from the Sun, so it's much more kind than it would be in a night time chart. In this specific chart, Saturn sits right below the horizon so it's not well placed but not so cold that it becomes Malefic. Mercury is in its Evening Star phase so it is nocturnal and neutral. The Minor Malefic Mars sits in the 11th House, The House of Good Spirit, favored by the Greater Benefic Jupiter. In this specific chart, Jupiter protects the native from violent and troublesome Mars.


In the rest of this delineation I will be referencing the Egyptian Bound Lords, Decan Lords, and Triplicity Lords. The Lords provide supportive or destructive energy, hidden agreements, and partnerships based on the degrees of each sign and the chart points that land on these degrees. You will notice in the chart from Co-Star, there are no degree indicators so I made my best, educated guess to determine the Lords that influence each chart point. Visually I determined the Bound Lords based on the Decans. Each sign is split into 3 equal parts made up of 10 degrees each, these are decans. The Bound degrees are not equal and do not replicate between signs - they are different between each sign. Triplicity Lords are determined by sect and have a co-ruler that follows the lead of the Triplicity Lord. A co-ruler is submissive to the Triplicity Lord even if the co-ruler is a Malefic and vice-versa.


The Sun's Bound Lord is Saturn, Decan Lord is Venus, and Triplicity Lord is Venus and co-ruled by The Moon. The Sun is well placed by degree because Saturn is less troublesome and Venus is the lesser Benefic - both planets are conjunct - since Venus is the Decan & Triplicity Lord, it lends its beautiful & valuable energy to the dark planet, Saturn. This person may find beauty in dark things such as their clothing, style, and anything that adorns or is related to the body, including tattoos. In the 12th House, The Sun can create a fascination with treachery, prisons, solitary confinement, illnesses & diseases, and large animals.


The Moon's Bound Lord is Jupiter or Mercury - it's very hard to tell what degree of Scorpio The Moon is sitting in without degree markers so this is my best guess. The Decan Lord is The Sun, Triplicity Lord is Venus and The Moon is its own co-ruler so it follows Venus. In this chart The Moon sits very close to The Sun so it's influence may be obscured by the rays of The Sun. A Moon in Scorpio is a Fallen Moon, this person will have unconventional habits, rituals, and cycles that other people will have a hard time understanding. Their personality and life force will over power their inner drive, so they may say one thing in the moment while interacting with another person and immediately regret what they said while they were talking. In the 12th House, this person may find themselves in odd situations that can turn their friends into enemies especially if they have a hard time sticking to time commitments or if their sense of time is unordinary. It may help to resist the urge to be impulsive in word and thought - give yourself time to truly think and commit to an idea especially when that idea involves other people.


The Ascendant in Sagittarius gives this person a soul that is comfortable sitting in the darkest part of the sky (based on the zodiacal seasons). They are comfortable being a lone wolf and may have an affinity for this archetype through the way they present themselves to the world such as through clothing, personal style, tattoos, etc. The Ascendant's Bound Lord is Jupiter, Decan Lord is Mercury, and Triplicity Lord is The Sun co-ruled by Saturn - all mostly well placed.


Mercury's Bound Lord is Venus or self-ruled - again it is hard to determine without the degree indicators on the chart. The Decan Lord is Venus or The Sun. Either way, these are all well placed chart points, but there's not enough information to delineate the energy that influences Mercury. Mercury rules over our circuitry, the electricity inside of the body, intuition, and our psychic senses. In the 12th House, Mercury influences how this person connects with other people. They leave a lasting impression on others. The Triplicity Lord is Venus co-ruled by The Moon - conversations about values, beauty, money, rituals, cycles, and motherhood will create public recognition for this person. The 12th House ruler, Saturn (traditionally) is also well placed so everything inside of this house is more at ease since Saturn is receiving warmth from The Sun in its daytime sect.


Venus's Bound Lord is undetermined but its Decan Lord is Saturn and Triplicity Lord is The Sun co-ruled by itself. Although The Sun and Venus cannot see each other in neighboring signs - they still have an intuitive bond that blends their energy together. In the 1st House, Venus influences the native's personality, temperament, and quality of mind.


Mars' Bound Lord is either itself or Venus - both are fascinated with violence and blood. The Decan Lord is Jupiter, Triplicity Lord is Saturn and co-ruled by Jupiter. The 11th House is favored by Jupiter as well - this feels like protection from the Father or fatherly figures. Mars is in detriment in Libra, when it doesn't feel welcome or when willpower is not applied, Mars will create a stimulus to respond to. Mars can create good, bad, or neutral chaos with friends, good fortune, money, supervisors, and in matters of hope, trust, and confidence. When in doubt, lean on your Jupiter or Venus placements.


Jupiter's Bound Lord is Mercury, Decan Lord is The Sun, and Triplicity Lord is The Sun co-ruled by Saturn. Thinking about family and friends can create some magnetic peace for this person. Jupiter resides in the 5th House and influences the children in this person's life, amusement, pleasure, gambling, the arts, and games of chance. When this person wins at games of chance - they thrive. Mercury also influences cognitive strategy, this person most likely recognizes patterns that can leverage a win for them.


Saturn's Bound Lord is Mercury, Decan Lord is The Moon, and Triplicity Lord is The Sun co-ruled by itself, Saturn. Saturn listens to The Sun before making any decisions and The Sun is well placed. This may also indicate a clean bill of physical health, especially since there are no hard aspects to Saturn or Mars. Illness and disease can still be experienced through transits over time, but it is very likely that this person hardly goes to the doctor for check ups because they are relatively healthy. Saturn also rules over time and patience, this person may have a patient demeanor about them even if their mind feels like it is short on time or in a hurry. The Moon will also influence timing and this person may receive an intuitive urge to act or speak that is uncanny to people who are not used to experiencing intuitive insight.


For this delineation I did not observe the outer planets since those detail how we interact with other people.

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