Egyptian Terms & Bounds in Hellenistic Astrology

Egyptian Terms & Bounds in Hellenistic Astrology

Bound Lords

An ancient technique in Hellenistic astrology dating back to 4-5 BCE.

What are they?

Bounds and Terms are unequal sub-sections of a zodiac sign ruled by one of the 5 traditional planets.

There are different tables of terms and bounds, but the most well known are Egyptian Terms. Two cuneiform tablets displayed in the British Museum record Babylonian terms and bounds, superseding their origin to Ancient Egypt.

Terms and bounds can be described as the rooms in a house owned by one of the planets.

How do they work?

When a planet or luminary are in the bound or term of a planet, they make an agreement to work with each other. In a chart, an Astrologer will find the Bound Lord by degree of a sign and then look at the Bound Lord's location in the transit or natal chart.

For example, if the Sun is at 13° Sagittarius then its Bound Lord is Venus. The Astrologer would then look at the placement and aspects to Venus.

Why do they matter?

Bound Lords are time based and can indicate auspicious times for planetary rulers over the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

If the planetary ruler of one or more of your Big 3 is the current Bound Lord, then you will receive life force from The Sun in that bound or fortune from The Moon in that bound. Mars offers motivation, Jupiter creates abundance, and Saturn sets boundaries.

Additional Information

The planets and luminaries in the bounds and terms will not be the same for everyone. Your specific natal chart and profections have a lot to do with how you experience the Bound Lords.

To learn more about the Bound Lords in your astrology charts, book a reading with me!

You are also invited to read sources from ancient Astrologers Maternis & Valens.

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