Late Degrees & The Malefics in Astrology

Late Degrees & The Malefics in Astrology

My personal thoughts on “late degrees”. When a planet ingresses into a different element that energy essentially dies by the hands of Saturn [Greater Malefic] or Mars [Lesser Malefic] depending on the sign. 💀 This is why the 29° is critical. The energy is about to travel through the afterlife and transform. 👁️

Egyptian Bounds and Late Degrees

  • Aries bound to Saturn 25°-29°
  • Taurus bound to Mars 27°-29°
  • Gemini bound to Saturn 24°-29°
  • Cancer bound to Saturn 26°-29°
  • Leo bound to Mars 24°-29°
  • Virgo bound to Saturn 28°-29°
  • Libra bound to Mars 28°-29°
  • Scorpio bound to Saturn 24°-29°
  • Sagittarius bound to Mars 26°-29°
  • Capricorn bound to Mars 26°-29°
  • Aquarius bound to Saturn 25°-29°
  • Pisces bound to Saturn 28°-29°

And of course this is studied with Egyptian Terms or Egyptian Bounds. Cusps are a modern astrology technique or term that was not recognized in ancient times because of triplicity. One planet cannot have two opposing elements because of resistance.

This is your semisextile, semisquare, square, opposition, quincunx, and even conjunct aspects. There’s a disharmony in the force that creates a power dynamic. It’s never stagnant. It chooses a side.

These are just my observations and not everyone will have the same perspective or thoughts or opinions about the matter. 🤓

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