Leo Season & The Lion's Gate Portal

Leo Season & The Lion's Gate Portal

The Sun enters it's domicile, the first degree of Leo, on 7/22/2023 at 6:50:40 p.m. Pacific in Tropical/Western astrology. When The Sun enters Leo it will be Saturn bound and in its own decan. The Sun rules over the House of Leo - any other planets in this section of the sky, such as Mercury & Venus, are The Sun's guests.


Saturn is retrograde in Pisces, sextile The Ascendant and Imum Coelli, trine Midheaven and Descendant, opposite Mars and Venus. Boundaries are going to be the main focus of this transit - especially in relationships, willpower, motivation, passions, values, money, stimulation, and aesthetics. Saturn casts its cold gaze on Mars & Venus - working with the elements of fire & air can help remedy the icy beams from Saturn's rings.


These topics will get more specific based on your rising sign and the house of The Sun in your specific natal chart.


Rising Sign Horoscopes for The Sun in Leo


Aries Rising - 5th House [Good Fortune]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 5th House of risks, children, speculation, possibilities, joy, pleasure, and hobbies.


Taurus Rising - 4th House [The Subterraneous Place]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 4th House of roots, career change, ancestral memories, and ancestral inheritance.


Gemini Rising - 3rd House [The Goddess]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 3rd House of presenting ideas, writing, licensing, vocational training, and learning new things.


Cancer Rising - 2nd House [Gate of Hades]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 2nd House of skills, gifts, values, natural earning skills, and resources.


Leo Rising - 1st House [The Helm]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 1st House of identity, self-image, self-expression, and physical presentation.


Virgo Rising - 12th House [Bad Spirit]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 12th House of your unconscious/psyche, conception of ideas, experience before this incarnation, toxicity that needs to be cleansed, the feeling of needing to be alone or isolated, and where you feel the call to help other people who are less fortunate.


Libra Rising - 11th House [Good Spirit]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 11th House of friends, associates, organizations, networking, resources, and referrals.


Scorpio Rising - 10th House [Midheaven]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 10th House of career, outer world experience, land, landlords, landowners, and land development.


Sagittarius Rising - 9th House [The Place of God]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 9th House of belief systems, philosophy, projection in public reputation, marketing, professional speaking, teaching, and vision.


Capricorn Rising - 8th House [The Idle Place]

The Sun will shine on your 8th House of income, reciprocity, sharing, investments, careful collaboration, and asking the right questions to achieve success.


Aquarius Rising - 7th House [The Setting Place]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 7th House of attracting people to assist and help you on your journey, how people perceive you, how competition perceives you, and how your aura shines when projected onto others.


Pisces Rising - 6th House [Bad Fortune]

The Sun in Leo will shine on your 6th House of organization, databases, procedures, systems, methods, equipment, and facilitation.


Sidereal Astrology & The Lion's Gate


The Sun will enter the first degree of Leo on 8/17/2023 at 1:03:21 a.m. Pacific in Sidereal astrology - five days after the helliacal rising of Sirius a.k.a The Lion's Gate [Jean Meeus', Astronomer]. To learn more about The Lion's Gate Portal from an Indigenous person, please visit Astro Noelle G. Noelle offers a free reference list as a digital download on her website.

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