Mars in the Temple of the Moon 🔥🏛️🌙

Mars in the Temple of the Moon 🔥🏛️🌙

Mars ingresses into its Fall in The Temple of the Moon, Cancer ♋️, tomorrow at 4:45 a.m. Pacific. Mars is the Night Lord of Cancer ♋️ Pisces ♓️ and Scorpio ♏️ and the Lesser Malefic and Lord of the House of Bad Fortune (6th House) in Hellenistic astrology. Let’s talk about it!

Check the following places in your natal chart during the transit:

🔥 The House of your Natal Cancer

🔥 Your Natal Moon

🔥 Your Natal Mars

🔥 Your Natal Jupiter

🔥 Your Natal Venus

Why these specific placements?:

✅ Cancer is the home of the Moon in the Thema Mundi, the Natal Chart of The World.

✅ No matter where your Natal Moon is, it always returns home to its temple 🏛️♋️.

✅ Mars experience self-rulership between 0°-7° Cancer ♋️

✅ Jupiter rules over Pisces ♓️ in Hellenistic astrology, ♓️‘s Triplicity Night Lord is Mars.

✅ Venus is the Decan Lord of Cancer ♋️ between 0°-10°.

Any aspects to and from Mars should also be considered. 🔎 These will resonate in your natal chart during Mars’ visit 🏛️♋️🌙.

Neptune is also a great place to investigate if you’re following up with lost connections. Mars is no longer motivating the connection, so you will need to take over and decide whether or not to let someone back into your personal space. It’s okay to let people go. 💐


And besides all of the above mentioned, take care of your health specifically in the throat, liver, and gastrointestinal system.


Mars is transiting through I’Ching Gates 15, 52, 39, 53, 62, and 56.


If you’re looking for a transit reading with calendars and aura specific information regarding this transit or any transit, you can book a full reading or 15-25 minute Astro Oracle Transit Report.


If you’re using this Hellenistic transit guide, adjust your chart to Whole Sign. 💕


Placidus introduces current space & time. The techniques used in this post were made in reference to the Thema Mundi, Natal Chart of the World. 🗺️

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