Mercury in Pisces 3/3/23 14:52 PT

Mercury in Pisces 3/3/23 14:52 PT

On 3/3/23 at 2:52 p.m. Pacific Mercury ingresses into its fall in the feminine, mutable sign Pisces ♓️ at 0°. Between 0°-12° ♓️ Mercury has an agreement with Venus. Between 0°-10° ♓️ Mercury is influenced by Saturn.


Mercury in its fall in Pisces can feel isolated and lonely because it is opposite its exaltation in Virgo. It may feel like it missed the celebration or that it had to choose between material things, values, and something long term.


Mercury may also bring up that there were choices in the past that were made too soon or too late. How does one choose when to act or when to take something more serious? The answer is Saturn, Lord of Time.

Mercury is separating from a conjunction and also applying a parallel to Saturn at the 29th degree of Aquarius. Saturn shares deep insights about legacies, money, building wealth, and spending money.


The Lunar Nodes are also interacting with Mercury during this transit. Mercury is trine and parallel the South Node which can create a feeling of fatigue, sadness, and dread, but it’s also contra-parallel the North Node. What gives you power, energy, motivation, and inspiration?


Mercury is separating from a semisquare with Chiron, you have reached the end of your current lesson and are ready to enter the world to put it to practice in real time. Did you learn anything about yourself recently? Can it help someone else?

The first degree of Pisces activates Gate 30 Line 6 of the I’Ching in Human Design, The Clinging Fire. This energy is found in the Emotional Solar Plexus Center and the Collective & Sensing circuits.


At a low vibe this can feel frivolous and dry with an overhead feeling of desire. At a high vibe this can feel like lightness leading to rapture.


The 6th line expresses itself as purification. You will receive clarity when you accept yourself as you are. If you choose to look away you will experience the problems by holding onto something that manifested out of half heartedness.


Mercury will travel through I’Ching Gates 55, 37, 63, 22, 36, and a portion of Gate 25 between now and March 18, 2023.


The following chakra centers will be activated by Mercury’s transit through Pisces:

55: Solar Plexus

37: Solar Plexus

63: Crown

22: Solar Plexus

36: Solar Plexus

25: G-Center


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