Pluto in the First Degree of Aquarius ♒️

Pluto in the First Degree of Aquarius ♒️

A 248 year cycle of rebirth begins, temporarily. Should you be worried? Let’s talk about it!

This transit last until June 11, 2023, when Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn ♑️. Protect ICWA. Pluto ingresses back into Aquarius ♒️ January 21, 2024 then retrogrades back into Capricorn ♑️ on September 2, 2024. On November 19, 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius ♒️ again…
Currently, the Ruler of the Solar System, The Sun, is enjoying Pluto’s first steps into cold, moist, fixed, and solid Aquarius. Aquarius is the hermit that lives at the edge of civilization, the conspiracy theorist watching from afar. And Pluto is knocking at their door.
Mother’s (Moon) may have an issue with Pluto’s visit in the Yin Air Temple of Saturn. Saturn 🪐 is currently next door and doesn’t know Pluto has already arrived. Meanwhile bratty Mars sees Pluto enter the House of Saturn, Aquarius ♒️, and gossips with the Moon about it.

Pluto is going to create major transformations in the following I’Ching Gates & Energy Centers:

- Gate 60 / Root
- Gate 41 / Root
- Gate 19 / Root
- Gate 13 / Self
- Gate 49 / Emotional Solar Plexus
- Gate 30 / Emotional Solar Plexus

Pluto is an outer planet, it affects the psyche and subconscious of the entire solar system. It also rules over the Centaurs, like Chiron, Pholus, and Nessus. And Pluto rules over Scorpio placements so check your charts to see where these inner transformations are happening.

What houses are being affected? What are the planetary rulers of these houses? What placements reside in these houses? If you have Pluto in Scorpio, the planetoid of hidden gems and undiscovered wealth are in your Solstice Point. You are about to learn how to work your shadow. 👹

Pluto is in the equinoctial point of Taurus. These placements are about to learn a lot about love and the amount of time it takes to cultivate healthy obsession, healthy possession, and health seduction. ♉️ What planet rules the house of Taurus in your chart? Where is Venus?

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