Queer Peer Review for Birthworkers and Holistic Practitioners

Queer Peer Review for Birthworkers and Holistic Practitioners

Letter to Our Sponsors

Starting this Sunday June 11th, 2023, the first ever Queer Peer Review convenes community care workers to share and build skill sets, grow as storytellers, and start foundations for best practices in safer space with other professionals. Willbliss Kim they/them combines the healing power of art with emotional support and accountability building in a monthly virtual Queer Peer Review for Birthworkers and Holistic Practitioners.  The creation of this space will increase the knowledge, skill, and scope of service of queer professionals and community care advocates. By providing continuing education, support, and fellowship with other queer care workers, we increase our capacity for the community at large.

Our collective goal is to honor the wisdom of mad and disabled queer care workers. Break the isolation of stigmatized and ostracized marginalization by increasing the strength of queer care starting with ourselves. Shift the cultural paradigm of “queer-informed” to “expertise in lived experience”. Our attendees this month include a former lactation consultant who is currently homeless, trans midwife students, a trans somatic coach, a multi-spirited trans-femme indigenous astrologer, and myself- a brown & trans full-circle birthworker.

We are asking for donations for the cost of the virtual platform and the care it takes to nurture the space. We are thrilled to add your name and logo on future promotional material as well. I sincerely hope we can count on your collaboration for this event in the form of a donation!  Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We are excited and honored for your support of $50-$500. 

$50 funds a gift card in a care package to 1 participant

$100 funds my assistant

$300 funds me the founder & curator

$600 funds the whole workshop if 6 participants.

Consider a monthly contribution to my work!

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Zelle: 6025661280

I look forward to building with you!

Willbliss Kim they/them

Full Circle Birthworker


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