Reverse Engineered Epiphanies: Dark Energy & Dark Matter

Reverse Engineered Epiphanies: Dark Energy & Dark Matter

My team of Archangels have a sense of humor and I have finally figured out what they have been up to. Typically, I just follow the flow of my portion of the Universe. Following what feels good in my Magnetic Monopole. Inside of my Aura. My personal connection to the stars. Cīcitlāltin. Our Ancestors in the Sky.

The Universe is 72.3% Dark Energy, 23.1% Dark Matter, and 4.6% atoms. [ The Complete Guide to The Human Design System ]

4.6% patriarchy. lol

That's not much! When I think of Darkness I think of the yin. The Divine Feminine sea of darkness where light is found in 4.6% of Her.

Within her, there are 4.6% light beings. Reflecting whatever luminary out into the vast depth of outer space.

The yin and yang is not equal. But within their energy the other is found.

Within one cosmology, there is another. And then another. But they all exist, unblended, unstructured, and free flowing over ages lost from the 4.6%.

95.4% mystery sounds pretty amazing to me! 95.4% chance that each of us will experience something in our personal Universe that will inspire us to run in the opposite direction. Towards whatever makes us ultimately happy, secure, and rested.

Rest is rebellion. Especially in today's World. Thank you Saturn & Uranus. JK.

If you didn't get that joke, I am now offering astrology courses. 🤣

Back to Indigenous divine feminine rant about Human Design & Astronomy.

So back to my story, when I learned the mechanics of something so repulsive, so annoying, and humorous in the 3 a.m. hours over the last 4 years while studying and living in my Human Design experiment, I ran in the other direction.

I knew, what I would find would be something that would require me to face the 95.4% of me that I didn't know. The dark energy and dark matter within me that expresses itself in a 3/5 Martyr Heretic RAX Explanation 4 Pure Generator.

That's also why I LOVE transits. It is literally feeling the current of the Universe in my Spirit. Filtering through me, in lights and dark energy. All of it that isn't me already but all of me!


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