Rising Sign Horoscope Full Moon in Leo // January 25, 2024

Rising Sign Horoscope Full Moon in Leo // January 25, 2024

Full Moon in Leo // January 25, 2024 9:55 a.m. PT


- Hellenistic / Modern Tropical Astrology

- - Sun in Cancer conjunct Pluto in the House of Good Spirit (11th)

— Pluto in the Rays of The Sun

—- Things are still obscure right now, the secrets have yet to be fully revealed

—- The Sun & Pluto in the bound of Uranus

—— Aquarius is the detriment of The Sun

—— Aquarius is the fall of Pluto

—— Although it cannot be seen, it can be felt in the air

- Moon in Leo in The House of Good Fortune (5th) square Jupiter in The Gate of Hades, quincunx Saturn in The House of Bad Spirit (12th)

— Save money, avoid habits of spending too much

— Avoid gossip and drama, give others privacy

—- Moon in the bound of The Sun

—- Jupiter in the bound of Venus

—- Saturn in the bound of Neptune

- Mars exalted in Capricorn

- Neptune in its domicile Pisces

- Uranus in its fall in Taurus


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