Spring Equinox & The Vessel of Love

Spring Equinox & The Vessel of Love

The Sun in Aries ♈️ 0° (Gate 25) marks the Vernal Equinox also known as astrological New Year, the Aries Point, and The Vessel of Love. When the Sun reaches the first degree of Aries, the Earth will be at the first degree of Libra ♎️ (Gate 46).

88° in regression, the Sun of our Design will be at 0° Capricorn ♑️ (Gate 10) and the Earth of our Design will be at 0° Cancer ♋️ (Gate 15).

This sets a fire ablaze in the G-Center (liver, self-identity) in 4 different places. We align with who we are with the Sun. 🌞

Innocence, Serendipity, Behavior, and Humanity all become a central theme to our collective consciousness and our energetic bodies. ⚡️

Make room for this solar upgrade then use the fire to create the rest of your year. 🔥

If you have an Undefined G-Center, this transit will literally feel like an energetic charge that’s sustained by the Sun. If you have been feeling sick, sad, or like there’s no purpose to life - this transit will change your perspective. 🌞

If you choose to create something new, even a change of thought, then you will experience a cup overflowing with love from the Sun.

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