The Fallen Moon

The Fallen Moon

Full Moon in Scorpio April 23, 2024 4:47:29 p.m. Pacific

Pacific Time Zone Collective Horoscope, All Signs

The Moon

The Full Moon is fallen in Scorpio, where Fortune does not shine, Fortune being The Moon Goddess. This Full Moon at 4 degrees Scorpio is in the Egyptian Bound of Mars and 1st Hindu Decan of Mars, the Hellenistic Ruler of Scorpio. This Full Moon is taking place in the physical form at the lower half of the chart for people located in the Pacific time zone. This lunar energy is about saving resources or choosing to live without to get what we want. There may be missed opportunities when it comes to purchasing goods or buying stock due to waiting for something better. Although buying and purchasing is detrimental, selling is highlighted during this lunar phase. This Full Moon also takes place in The Gate of Hades or the succedent 2nd House in the Pacific time zone, relating to money, wealth, hope, expectations, livelihood, giving, receiving, sharing, possessions, income from property, development, occupation, idleness, sluggishness, bonds, cemeteries, and death. According to 2nd Century Hellenistic Astrologer Vettius Valens, the 2nd House is “shaded” because it is in aversion to the rising sign where The Sun rises over the eastern horizon – it is the last precipice of the Underworld before The Sun rises.

Mars, The Lesser Malefic

Mars is at 24 degrees Pisces in the Egyptian Bound of itself and the 3rd Hindu Decan of itself. Mars trines the Full Moon creating spurts of energy, sexual tension, and marriage. The beneficial effects of The Fiery Planet can help or improve hand work, working with fire, masonry, leadership, military service, sovereignty, hunting, regalia, wine, and legumes. Mars tends to create trouble and conflict, but in its current position it is harmonious, chill, and slowing down as it cools off below the horizon for those of us living in the Pacific time zone.

The Sun

The Sun is at 4 degrees Taurus in the Egyptian Bound of Venus and the 1st Hindu Decan of Venus, the Hellenistic Ruler of Taurus. The Sun opposes The Moon during a Full Moon, creating challenges and opportunities to learn from tension between the masculine and feminine energies throughout nature. During this lunar cycle The Sun shines on authority, intellect, motion, judgement, leadership, masters, the eyes, the torso, the heart, gold, wheat, barley, and bitterness.

Venus, The Lesser Benefic

Venus is in detriment at 23 degrees Aries in the Egyptian Bound of Mars and 3rd Hindu Decan of Jupiter. Venus is separating from a conjunction with Mercury in retrograde during this Full Moon. A conjunction can either be a blend of energies or a struggle for power and dominance. As Venus separates from Mercury, it is no longer shielded by the detrimental forces of Aries leading to challenges in love, motherhood, nursing, friendships, companionship, marriage, creativity, precious stones, cleanliness, order, the neck, face, lips, nose, the anterior part of the body, the lungs, pleasure, and multi-colored adornments.

Rising Sign Horoscopes

Aries Rising

Full Moon in the 8th House

The Idle Place

Full Moon Themes: life, livelihood, possessions, wealth, the unseen, laziness, inactivity, squandering

Taurus Rising

Full Moon in the 7th House

The Setting Place

Full Moon Themes: death, wives, relationships, marriage, inheritance and property of others when occupied by a benefic

Gemini Rising

Full Moon in the 6th House

The Place of Bad Fortune and The Joy of Mars

Full Moon Themes: unlucky, punishment, injury, violence, willpower, illness, enemies, insurrections, oppression

Cancer Rising

Full Moon in the 5th House

The Place of Good Fortune and The Joy of Venus

Full Moon Themes: fortune, values, beauty, adornments, children, honor, power

Leo Rising

Full Moon in the 4th House

The Subterraneous Place

Full Moon Themes: foundation of happiness, paternal possessions, slaves, inheritance, ancestry

Virgo Rising

Full Moon in the 3rd House

The Place of The Goddess and The Joy of The Moon

Full Moon Themes: action, siblings, mothers, cycles, habits, short travel, worship, ceremony

Libra Rising

Full Moon in the 2nd House

The Gate of Hades

Full Moon Themes: hopes, expectations, resources, possessions, money, property, occupation

Scorpio Rising

Full Moon in the 1st House

The Helm and The Joy of Mercury

Full Moon Themes: helm, fortune, soul, way of life, siblings, birth, physical appearance, spirit, the soul

Sagittarius Rising

Full Moon in the 12th House

The Place of Bad Spirit and The Joy of Saturn

Full Moon Themes: enemies, suffering, ailments, weakness, troubles, death, necessity, quadrupeds, exile

Capricorn Rising

Full Moon in the 11th House

The Place of Good Spirit and The Joy of Jupiter

Full Moon Themes: good spirit, friendship, alliances, hope, desire, expectations, gifts, honor, wealth                                                                                                   

Aquarius Rising

Full Moon in the 10th House

The Midheaven

Full Moon Themes: fortune, livelihood, life, children, procreation, action, occupation, esteem, authority, ruling

Pisces Rising

Full Moon in the 9th House

The Place of God and The Joy of The Sun

Full Moon Themes: travel, living abroad, foreign lands, religion, blasphemy when malefics are present

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