Your Lilith Return Chart

Your Lilith Return Chart

Your Lilith Return occurs every 9 years and reveals a few different things about your aura, how your brain works, and what you need to be your most authentic self. Black Moon Lilith is the apogee of the Moon, the furthest point that the Moon pulls away from Mother Earth.

In mythology, Lilith pulled away from the patriarchy and abandoned Adam in the Garden of Eden to live a life that was free and misunderstood. Some believe she gave birth to demons then ordered them to bring down the empire of light (Christianity) for mistreating and abusing her.

In your chart, this can reveal what you need to be free! There are many aspects to this placement in your natal and Lilith Return chart.

These places can reveal a lot about your subconscious and personal desires. This chart reading can also touch on what you need in relationships or how your mentality can shift from light to dark. From masculine to feminine.

This chart has its own aura and can be healed through energy work like Reiki.

What do you know about your Black Moon Lilith?

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