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The Ascendant Healing & Metaphysics LLC

Long Distance Reiki

Long Distance Reiki

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Discover the benefits of Reiki, a Japanese healing technique. Reiki works to promote relaxation and reduce stress by balancing the body's energy. Used for centuries, this practice enhances overall well-being and may increase feelings of peace and clarity.

Experience the ancient healing practice of Reiki, now available for long distance sessions. With specialized techniques, Reiki energy can travel through space and time to promote relaxation, balance, and well-being. Connect with a certified practitioner and feel the benefits from the comfort of your own home.

Some clients will experience 48-72 hours of purging after their session. Grounding practices and techniques are encouraged and provided by the Reiki Healer before the end of your session.

Our Reiki Healer works with archangels, elementals, and nature spirits. Video calls and recorded sessions available. You do not need to be present to receive a recorded session. Recorded sessions are distributed by unlisted YouTube link.

Video call sessions will be scheduled based on our Reiki Healer's availability. Please check your inbox for correspondence with Scheduling.

Don't want a call or recording? We offer long distance reiki in the evening pacific time to anywhere in the world. Do you wish to receive your healing on a specific date and time? Book ahead then let our Scheduler know what day and time you would like to receive your healing.

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